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Hanford, CA

Instruction does not get any better! Ethan has such an attention to detail that there is no wasted movement! His energy and knowledge are impeccable! Looking forward to our next session!!

Lisa M.

- November 25, 2014

Oceanside, CA

I have been looking for an instructor that teaches the true method of Pilates and his teaching’s. I have found such an instructor! Ethan is a natural motivator full of passion and knowledge I can’t be more happy and highly recommend if you’re looking for the real deal regarding Pilates. Ethan trained in New York City and was certified at Power Pilates you can’t ask for much more. Thank you Ethan for all.

Jim S.

- June 21, 2014

Encinitas, CA

I have been training with Ethan for over 2 years and he is a consistent, knowledgeable and intuitive trainer. His expertise in Pilates and all other types of workouts provides challenging yet achievable results with all body types and fitness goals. Most importantly he is fun to work with! I always leave the workout feeling great and with a big smile. You cannot find a better instructor.

Kim W.

- May 26, 2014

Mount Pleasant, SC

I resisted my wife’s request to “just try” a mat Pilates class with Ethan. What do I need with that? I have my workout, I lift free weights, I do sprints on ropes, jump rope, and rowing machine for aerobics (and we eat Paleo, in case you were wondering).

But I gave in and found that I like Ethan’s Pilates classes. They are good for my core and especially for my flexibility. My hip flexors really need this, as I sit all day for work. I can feel the improvement over the last year. Guys, you probably need this!

The great part is that Ethan pays attention to us, adjusts our positions, demonstrates when appropriate, and keeps the flow going. And sometimes makes us laugh. I have not taken an individual session with Ethan, but I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be as good as his classes. Highly recommended.

Scott O.

- November 21, 2012

La Jolla, CA

I just love Ethan’s mat Pilates classes! He does a great job teaching so you can really get the benefit of Pilates…a workout from your toes to the top of you head and of course your core loves you when you leave every time! He gives you tips on how to make certain positions easier to manage, while also helping to tone and lengthen those muscles. Ethan’s enthusiasm really motivates you to keep going through the hour. You don’t stop, even during the transitions. Definitely recommend him!

Tala K.

- November 14, 2012

New York, NY

Ethan is an excellent instructor. He is patient and supportive with his clients yet he challenges them to be their best. He is serious about fitness yet has a great all around outlook on life. I highly recommend him!

Jennifer B.

- March 9, 2009

New York, NY

I’d always thought Pilates was too easy and not for me. Ethan proved me very wrong. He challenged me every session, made me work harder than i thought possible and helped me get great results. He has a supportive but challenging approach which really got the best from me. I’m hugely grateful to him for what he did for my body and my soul, and my aching back. I really miss him and if he comes back to NYC would work with him again in a NY minute!

Maggie M.

- February 22, 2009

New York, NY

Ethan’s energy and dedication is contagious. He challenges you, keeps you motivated and is committed to helping his clients achieve their training, health and wellness goals. He is the BEST!

Jose C.

- April 21, 2008

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Ethan has been my personal trainer for over three years now; I had done Pilates with him prior to this. He is the best trainer I have ever had. I was a bit hesitant to train with a male again after some overly aggressive training in the past. Ethan is always aware of my weak areas and helps me strengthen them without injury. His workouts are always fresh and challenging. He’s a terrific motivator and a genuinely fun person to be around. There’s never a time when I am not looking forward to my workout with Ethan.

Linda P.

Mountain View, HI

Ethan is the real deal. If you are interested in Pilates the way it was meant to be taught Ethan is your instructor.

Julie C.

- June 21, 2014

San Diego, CA

I have been doing Pilates for years. I started working with Ethan about one year ago. He is one of the best instructors I have ever worked with. He is encouraging, passionate about what he does and knowledgeable. He is extremely conscious of form, and is constantly pushing you to get the most out of a workout. I have never had a boring workout with him. Once I think an exercise is getting easy he adds an element to it that will make me work even harder. He always makes it challenging but fun. A one hour Pilates class goes by in no time. His mat classes are wonderful as well. He keeps the class moving and cues so you always know what you are supposed to be doing. Not only do I enjoy the workouts with Ethan, he has changed my body. Over the last year, I have become leaner, stronger, and more flexible. I train for triathlons and Pilates (Ethan) has kept me injury free. You will not regret taking a private, semi private, or mat class with Ethan.

Racquel K.

Mount Pleasant, SC

I’ve taken mat Pilates classes with a variety of instructors over the years but Ethan’s instruction style is just the best. He is so professional, taking the time to observe the students and adjusting a posture when it can be improved upon. He’s funny and very likeable while always taking his work seriously. I appreciate that he cues so well, describing what he wants us to do so clearly that there’s no guesswork in the transitions. I walk and/or go to the gym daily, but Wednesdays with Ethan are the exercise I most look forward to. He really is “as good as it gets”. Thanks Ethan.

Barbara W.

- November 21, 2012

San Diego, CA

Ethan is great. His classes are always so varied, challenging and fun. He is incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Robyn L.

- November 12, 2012

New York, NY

Ethan is very enthusiastic and creative when it comes to fitness. I personally consider Ethan to be a great leader, while working at my local gym he used to promote and organize great outdoor group activities. At a personal level he is very approachable, friendly, and respectful of others. I really enjoyed participating in his classes at my local gym.

Kenia M.

- February 25, 2009

New York, NY

I had the opportunity to work with Ethan in the Pilates Community at the Reebok Sports Club/NY in NYC. In all areas I have come away impressed with Ethan. His in-depth knowledge of Classical Pilates are second to none. His attention to detail, cueing, safety and form are top notch. He was a popular instructor at Reebok, always on time and ready to work. Additionally, Ethan teaches group cycling and does private fitness training which shows off his versatility in the fitness industry. I recommend Ethan Carter highly and without reservation.

Kristen G.

- February 21, 2009

New York, NY

Ethan is amazing, energetic, and inspiring – our members love his classes!

Nikki C.

- March 4, 2008

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