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Ethan’s passion for music has been life-long. As a child he would sing and dance for his cousins and as soon as he was able to drive he would go to Sam Goody once a week. In high school he enjoyed making mix-tapes for friends and by the time he went to college he had over 1,000 compact discs.

While in college he got invovled with the campus radio station which opened his eyes to the world of DJing. He started with a weekly show, eventually he played mobile gigs for campus parties, and became the station’s General Manager. On weekends he would hit the nightclubs in Providence, RI and Boston, MA to hear club DJs and hone his craft.

He spent his college summers working as a mobile DJ in the suburbs of New York City but after graduation he moved to the Big Apple. Ethan was immediately thrusted into the NYC nightlife and landed several, weekly, residencies at downtown hot-spots. He was featured in various local, national, and international publications including The Village Voice, New York Magazine, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, and Marie Claire UK.

Club DJ

At the current time Ethan is not working regularly as nightclub DJ. Many factors including a relocation, early work hours, and six-day work weeks have prevented him from making it a priority. Now that Ethan’s work schedule has eased up, he would like to find a venue that is a match.

Ethan has played a variety of music styles depending on the venue and crowd. He’s played old school funk and soul, contemporary R&B and hip-hop, 80’s new wave and rock n’ roll, and a broad spectrum of house music including classics, garage, deep house, tribal house, latin house, gospel house, disco house, tropical house, and lounge house.

If you know a local venue that would be interested in a demo CD please contact Ethan.

Mobile DJ

Ethan is available for private parties including corporate events and weddings. Please contact Ethan to discuss your event details.

Online Playlists

Ethan uses several apps for posting and/or compiling playlists.

Probably the most widely used phone app is Spotify. Ethan simply uses it to compile music that is available on the app to create playlists for people to follow. This is a popular feature for his group fitness students that enjoy the music in his classes.

A less common app and/or website utilized by DJs in the industry is MixCloud. Here Ethan posts his mixed playlists. The tracks will typically be longer than 20 minutes of blended house music.

Lastly Ethan uses SoundCloud to find and save interesting tracks created by other DJs. Perhaps if he ever gets into production he will share his original work here.

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