Ethan Carter Biography

Ethan Carter Biography

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Ethan Carter is a Pilates and fitness professional and DJ who enjoys helping, supporting, and entertaining people. Originally from the suburbs of New York City, Ethan was a talented, childhood and teen athlete competing in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. He attended a small, liberal arts, college in New England. As a Psychology major he knew he wanted to serve the greater good. More coming….

Instagram Feed

I’m sure the Ethan Carter biography gave you all the professional details you needed. As you can gather, Ethan is passionate about Pilates, fitness, and music. More importantly he is also professional, educated, skilled, and qualified.

But nothing tells a story like a photo. Below is Ethan’s Instagram feed and I’m sure you will discover he is funny, silly, kind, compassionate, and just a nice guy with a big heart. He loves animals, food, and his friends.

Feel free to write and tell Ethan how much you like puppies!

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