Top 5 Playlist 2016 July 22

Top 5 Playlist 2016 July 22

These weekly picks for the Top 5 Playlist 2016 July 22 have a common theme of good vibes to get you ready for the weekend. We open the set with legendary DJ and producer Bob Sinclar and his latest track “Someone Who Needs Me”. The song opens with a bouncy feel but what pulled me right into it was the lyrical hook of Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life”. In my early DJ days I was known for playing old school funk and R&B. Stevie always made it into my sets. Sinclar’s tribute is straight up happy house and nu-disco.

CID “Together” follows up nicely. The New York based producer, CID, is making quite a name for himself lately and it is no surprise. The disco beats on this track are so on point it would’ve blown up Studio 54 back in the day. Add a familiar hook like Brass Construction’s “Got Myself Together” and you’ve got a new classic. This deep house track would work in almost any environment from a big, cavernous nightclub to a smaller lounge/cabaret. It’s definitely going into my heavy rotation bin.

The next track “Heading Home” by Gryffin delivers more happy house but with some beautiful lyrics to move most crowds with heart and soul. “People are gonna judge, people gonna talk, they can say what they like, won’t keep me up at night.” That truth bomb says it all. Today’s memes of “love wins” don’t mean much if we’re not loving ourselves first. The song continues with one of my favorite idioms, “If I could walk a mile in your shoes (to know how it feels to dance like you)” bringing a valuable, life lesson to the dance floor. I can see this track making it to all the circuit parties, especially the White Party in Palm Springs.

Probably my favorite pick for the Top 5 Playlist 2016 July 22 is “Happy” by Burak Yeter. There’s a lot to enjoy with this soulful, house track. The title alone says it all, it literally makes me happy. I love the global sound and world vibe from the instruments. Plus the lyrics are relatable; I can especially identify with the lyric “happy to be home again” since I travel weekly for work. The track has a downtempo element that could work at any international, beach party like Ibiza or Nikki Beach.

Last, but definitely not least, is Cheat Codes “Sex”. This track is clearly different from the others with its electro vibe. What I love about the song is Cheat Codes’ homage to Salt N’ Pepa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex.” The sound is like a boy-band meets old school hip hop meets electro. Now I am not really an electro or “EDM” fan, my genre is house music, but this song works. I find the track cheeky and sexy, which is a hard thing to pull off. Any artist that worships “pussy power” gets my approval.

There you have it gang. I hope you enjoy these Top 5 Playlist 2016 July 22 picks and add them to your summer, weekend fun!! Remember to be happy and live happy!! If you’d like more info please use the Contact form!!

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